Nevada Real Estate Principles, Practices and Ethics Course

NV Principles Course

Nevada Real Estate Principles, Practices and Ethics Course

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If you just need to satisfy the Nevada Real Estate Principles, Practices and Ethics requirement, this is the standalone course for you.

Why waste time and money attending a structured class when you can learn the Nevada Real Estate Principles, Practices and Ethics Course through distance education. We provide you with the materials and you can learn them on your own time, at your own pace!

Satisfy 45 hours of your 90-hour Nevada state pre-licensing requirement and take an important step in your real estate career! The Nevada Real Estate Principles, Practices and Ethics Course provides you with a solid foundation of essential real estate terms, theories and concepts. The course covers everything you need to learn to pass the state license exam.

Course Details

  • 17 required units
  • Each unit includes: overview, objectives, assignments and multiple-choice unite exam
  • Online final - 60 multiple-choice questions, non-proctored, 75% required
  • Course Syllabus

Course Description

The course covers basic real estate principles and Nevada-specific information. Students will begin the course by learning about the different types of real estate careers and the activities that a real estate licensee engages in. Types of agency law will be discussed along with ethical and legal business practices, including fair housing laws. An overview of economic markets is presented and an introduction to the valuation techniques used in real property appraisal. The functions of the Federal Reserve System, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae will be reviewed as well as the characteristics and guidelines of conventional, conforming, non-conforming, and government-backed loans. Students will learn about the steps in the default and foreclosure process. Lastly, fair lending regulations that affect real property transactions are covered. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to identify real estate terminology and to recognize Nevada’s real estate laws and principles. This course will also assist students in preparing for their real estate licensing exam.

Course Objectives

  • Recall the factors necessary for success in a real estate career (e.g., adequate finances, professionalism, goal setting, good communication skills), the activities new licensees participate in brokerage offices (e.g., goal setting, prospecting, gaining product knowledge, working with buyers and sellers), and the typical compensation plans for new licensees.
  • Specify ethical and legal conduct and business practices regarding agency relationships, trust funds, fair housing, and civil rights.
  • Recall characteristics of markets that are integral to real estate transactions—money markets, primary and secondary mortgage markets, and real estate markets.
  • Recall the purpose of an appraisal, the main appraisal methods used to develop an opinion of value, including their applications and methodologies, and the elements and economic principles that influence the opinion of value.
  • Identify the types of home loan programs available to borrowers and the fair lending laws that provide for the fair and equal treatment of all consumers when obtaining financing.
  • Recognize the underwriting process and finance instruments used to obtain a loan and, in the event of a default, the steps taken to cure the default or foreclose on the property.

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  • 100% Online - No textbooks to buy and no classes to attend. Get everything you need right on your own computer.
  • User Friendly - The course is simple to navigate with straight forward interactive exercises and detailed graphics.
  • Relevant - The material is current and aligned with Nevada state laws and regulations.
  • Approved - The course is approved by the Nevada Real Estate Division.

With Allied, you can quickly learn the skills you need to know to become a real estate salesperson. Our online real estate courses provide you with the tools you need to prepare for and pass the Nevada state exam. It’s fast and affordable!

Allied Business Schools, Inc. is approved by the Nevada Real Estate Commission. Allied Business Schools, Inc. is licensed in Nevada by the CPE. The institution’s cancellation and refund policy is available in the Policies, Terms and Agreement.

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