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At Allied, we give you everything you need to get or maintain your license. When you pursue your education with Allied, you receive training from a trusted real estate school, live student support, and assistance with your job search. Prepare for a new career today!

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It’s true - Allied is a referral-based school, which means that many of our students referred their family and friends to us. It is our goal to provide a top-quality, affordable education to all of our students, along with a support system that helps them achieve their goals.

Realize Your Full Career Potential

As a growing population creates a greater housing need, there is projected to be an abundance of opportunities for real estate professionals. With a robust economy, individuals will be more likely to buy a new house, or invest money into a secondary residence. The increase in market activity will create an increased need for qualified salespeople and brokers. Allied has the courses to start or advance your career. Get your real estate license and enter a profession with solid, long-term career potential!

Train on Your Schedule

Taking your courses online provides you with a fast and convenient way to get your license. With this format, you have the ability to make important decisions regarding your education. You can decide where, when and how to learn. Allied lets you prepare for a new career at home on your own schedule. And you have one year to complete the coursework.

Professional online real estate courses

It is easy to get your education with Allied. We are one of the largest real estate schools, with license and renewal courses to suit your career needs. The licensing programs give you the opportunity to complete your coursework from home. Regardless of your experience, Allied has a convenient licensing program for you. Take advantage of 100% online, state-approved courses.

What do sales agents do?

As an agent you will help clients purchase homes or sell them depending on your area of expertise. Sales agents help inform clients of market conditions and various home prices, trying to work within budgets and clients expectations. Agents start off working with a broker and after 1-3 years they can acquire a broker’s license of their own and have agents work for them if they choose.

Every day for sales agents is different. You work for yourself so you need to find clients to build relationships with. As a new agent building a client database is important to a successful career. Fortunately there are many helpful websites and software applications to help you along the way.

What’s the difference between a broker and agent?

Real estate agents help clients buy, sell, and rent properties and work for a real estate broker. As a real estate broker you have the same responsibilities as a real estate sales agent, however, you can also have sales agents work under you and manage your own business.

Brokers with a team of sales agents under them generally stay in the office and evaluate agent performances. They prepare paperwork for sales and find new clients for their team while they’re out in the field.

Benefits of working as a sales agent

Real estate agents make up their own work schedules and set their own hours. They work outside a lot of the time and get to help people find their dream homes for a living. There are many benefits to becoming a sales agent but it also takes a lot of hard work and discipline to find success being your own boss.

Education requirements

Each state has a required amount of pre-license education hours that need to be completed and passed before the state real estate license exam can be taken. Check with your state’s real estate department to find out exactly with is required of you to obtain your license.

Most agents have at least a high school degree and some have college degrees even though they are not required to get your license. However some people can skip the required pre-license education if they have a degree that is real estate focused.

The future outlook for the job market

The real estate industry generally does well with a healthy economy. And with the economy on the rebound, the real estate market is experiencing a comeback of its own. After years of stagnant home prices, confidence is returning to the market. Plus, with new home construction on the rise, there will be a higher demand for sales agents in the near future.

What is the average pay?

What a real estate agent makes depends on a variety of circumstances. Where you live, the state of the economy, interest rates, your own work ethics are just a few things that can influence a real estate sales agent’s salary.

For instance in 2014 the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that the median wage for sales agents was just over $40,00 a year but the top ten percent of earners making more than $105,000 a year.* So it’s important to know which areas are more profitable than others. Cities with faster growing populations are more profitable than those in decline; however they also attract more sales agents as well.

How do you become one?

To become a sales agent, you must be at least 18 years old with a clean criminal background record, take and complete pre-license courses and then pass a state exam. Check with your state’s regulatory commission to find out your exact requirements as each state has their own rules and regulations.

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*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents (website visited February 15, 2016).
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