California Real Estate Exam Cram DVD (with Workbook)

California Real Estate Exam Cram DVD

California Real Estate Exam Cram DVD (with Workbook)

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Do you benefit from visual learning? If so, this DVD provides a comprehensive review to help you prepare for the state exam.

Allied’s Exam Cram DVD provides you with up-to-date, relevant instruction that readies you for the California real estate licensing exam. It includes over 11 hours of material that was created specifically for distance learners. This is a one-on-one session with tutor that can be played and replayed. This video comes with interactive workbook, which has a comprehensive study outline of the exam, math made easy, and sample practice questions. Plus, you can stream any of the videos, making it easy to review on the go!

Many schools offer 30+ hours of review. We have cut that down, teaching you only what you need to know. It is structured into chapters that contain information and practice questions to reinforce knowledge. The DVD and workbook tutorial are designed to be used together.

Stream Your Videos Anytime, Anywhere!

With the new streaming option, you can access your videos on the go! You have access to the videos through your iBoard login. This access will last for 90 days after the first time you log into them. Each product includes 4 DVDs (3 National DVDs and 1 State-Specific DVD), divided into the following sections. Each section is delivered as an individual video in the streaming format.

Why Allied’s Exam Cram DVD Prep?

  • Our Top-Selling Exam Prep Product
  • Presented by Seasoned Real Estate Professionals
  • Proven Study Techniques Ensure You Pass the First Time
  • Convenient Streaming Option

What You Will Receive:

  • 4 Exam Cram DVDs
  • 11 Hours of Relevant, Comprehensive Material
  • Exam Cram Workbook
  • 24/7 Access to the Videos (DVD and Streaming)

What You Will Review:

  • Property, Estates & Ownership
  • Encumbrances and Transfer of Ownership
  • Contracts: The Basics
  • Agency Relationships
  • Real Estate Finance (Loans and Lending Institutions)
  • Land Use, Subdivisions and Housing
  • Disclosures in Real Estate
  • Escrow and Closing
  • Valuation and Appraisal
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Real Estate Specialization

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