As a real estate agent, you will help people buy and sell houses. You will enroll in a real estate license program to get the knowledge you need to accurately and legally perform your job. This will give you the knowledge to know how much a house is worth, and the skills to accurately represent the cities and neighborhoods in their area. You need to have practicing knowledge of the laws involved with the real estate process. You should also know where a buyer can secure financing.

If people want to buy or sell a house, they get the assistance of a licensed real estate salesperson. Your duties may vary, but you will typically perform the following tasks:

Buying a House

You will meet with the buyers to determine what kind of house they want.
You will discuss how much money they can afford to spend.
You will take them to see houses for sale.

Selling a House

You will complete the proper paperwork to list a house for sale.
You will assist the seller with selecting the sale price for their home.
You will create and place advertisements to get potential buyers into the house.
You will hold open houses.

After the Sale

You will fill out special forms to transfer ownership.
You will help the buyer secure a loan from the bank.

As a real estate agent, you will generally work in an office setting. Since much of the information about properties is available over the Internet, you can also work out of your own home. You might need a formal office, however, to meet with current and potential clients. A lot of time will be spent showing potential properties to buyers, as well as finding new business.

After you get your real estate license, you will work for a broker. When you sell a house, you will receive a commission, a percentage based on the total purchase price of the house.

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