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Fulfill your Michigan pre-license appraisal requirements with Allied Real Estate Schools. Get all of the resources you need to successfully prepare you for your new appraisal career. These appraisal courses ABQ approved and provide you with a solid background and the necessary skills to work as a professionally licensed appraiser.

Michigan Appraisal License Information:

What’s the minimum criteria for appraisal pre-license education hours by level?

  • Limited Appraiser: 75 hours (15 of which must be USPAP)*
  • Licensed Appraiser: 150 Hours, 30 college-level semester hours
  • Certified Residential Appraiser: 200 hours, bachelor’s degree **
  • Certified General Appraiser: 300 hours, bachelor’s degree **
*Limited Appraiser must also complete Trainee/Supervisor course (4 Hours) ** Certified Appraisers that supervisor Limited Appraisers must also complete the Trainee/Supervisor course (4 Hours)

What are the continuing education requirements for Michigan appraisal licenses?

  • Limited Appraiser: 14 hours each year.
  • State Licensed Appraiser: 28 hours every 2 years.
  • Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser: 28 hours every 2 years.
  • Certified General Real Property Appraiser: 28 hours every 2 years.

How long do I have to be a Limited Appraiser for?

For a Limited Appraiser to become a State Licensed Appraiser, you will need to complete 2,000 hours of work experience over at least 1 year. You will also need to complete 150 hours of approved pre-license education, plus 30 semester hours of college-level education.

What are the general requirements to becoming a Limited Appraiser?

  • Proof of education meeting AQB Qualification Criteria
  • 18 years old
  • Background check
  • Fill out your license application
  • Complete pre-license education
  • Complete Trainee Supervisor course
  • Pass the state exam

What is the AQB?

The Appraisal Qualifications Board or AQB determines the minimum education needs for appraisers looking to obtain, upgrade or renew their appraisal license. This is an independent board that is a part of the Appraisal foundation.

Where and when can I take the appraiser state exam?

The Michigan appraisal license exam is taken with PSI, a private exam company. You can schedule your test time through their website. The state exam with PSI occurs after a Limited Appraiser has completed their trainee requirements. It is required in order to upgrade to a licensed appraiser.

What is involved in the Michigan appraisal examination?

Test takers will have four hours to complete the test and will need to bring their own financial calculator. No other personal items will be permitted, including books and study material. Check with PSI for scheduling and more information.

Does Michigan offer out-of-state appraisers a temporary work permit?

You can apply for a temporary appraisal permit in Michigan. Permits are valid of 180 days. You will need to submit a written description about the assignment and pay a $125.00 fee.

Why should I take my courses at Allied Real Estate Schools?

Allied Real Estate Schools has been a trusted source for real estate education since 1992. Online classes provide a convenient way for appraisers to complete their licensing education through a respected school that knows what you need.

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79-Hour Appraisal Trainee Package

The 79-hour trainee package provides 75 hours of pre-license appraisal education, plus an additional four hours that focus on trainee/supervisory training. This package will help you prepare to become a trainee and is the starting point for a new appraisal career.


  • Real Estate Appraisal Principles & Practices Course
  • 15-Hour National USPAP Course
  • Real Estate Appraisal Trainee/Supervisor Course
  • Professional Development for Appraisal Trainees
  • No-Cost Professional Membership

Price: $546.00

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75-Hour Appraisal Licensing Package

The 75-Hour Appraisal Licensing Package is the next step after you have achieved trainee status and met applicable state requirements. It provides the additional 75 hours of pre-licensing education you need, with a focus on residential market analysis and highest and best use, site valuation and cost, report writing, and sales comparison to meet the education requirements.


  • Residential Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use Course
  • Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approaches Course
  • Residential Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost Approach Course
  • Real Estate Appraisal Report Writing (QE) Course
Price: $525.00

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Real Estate Appraisal Exam Prep Online

The Real Estate Appraisal Exam Prep Online helps you study with interactive, timed practice tests and mock state exam, which help you review important concepts, such as appraisal standards and ethics, cost approach, economic principles, highest and best use analysis, income approach, and many more – plus, you can effectively pinpoint topics needing extra attention.

Price: $58.00

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28-Hour Appraisal License Renewal Package

Stay on track with Allied’s 28-Hour National Appraisal License Renewal Package, which includes the 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course and 21 additional hours of approved appraisal elective courses.

Price: $402.00

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