Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Allied Business Schools, Inc., a distance education institution, is committed to providing affordable, high-quality courses, instructional materials, and student services that are easy for for a diverse student population to access and use. Allied’s objective is to prepare students for new careers in the areas of real estate by enabling them to pass state licensure or certification exams. In addition, for those students who only seek personal enrichment, courses provide practical real-world knowledge. These goals are achieved by ensuring that all courses provide clear learning outcomes, customized student support, detailed instructions, and relevant assessments that lead to course mastery and student success.

Allied Business Schools, Inc. opened its doors in 1992 with a vision to provide students with a convenient, flexible way to complete training for in-demand careers. Allied Business Schools, Inc. is dedicated to providing the type of education that students need to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Educational Philosophy

Our society is comprised of individuals with different attributes, needs, and values. Each of us makes decisions based on what we perceive to be most beneficial to us. Most of us recognize that self-directed continuing education is high on the list of beneficial activities we all need.

At Allied Business Schools, Inc. educational programs are developed and administered in an environment where individuals, employers, and other community-related groups participate to produce a continually upgraded learning process that benefits the individual and our society.

Institutional Goals

The relationship between the institutional mission and the needs of the public is served by offering comprehensive programs that are taught in a convenient, thorough, and affordable manner, with the ultimate goal being new employment or career advancement for the student. It is our aim to provide competency skills for students who are actively pursuing a career path that meets their interest and aptitude.

Institutional Objectives

Allied Business Schools, Inc. achieves its goals through the fulfillment of the following objectives:

  1. To offer courses in real estate and health care that meet industry standards and employment demands.
  2. To provide educational programs through a successful instructional delivery method which develops the student’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, and work habits.
  3. To provide easy access to educational and student support services that contribute to the student’s success.
  4. To prepare students for employment within the industry for which they are trained.
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