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California Salesperson/Broker License (QE)

General Information:

Course Provider Name: Allied Real Estate Schools
DRE Sponsor ID # S0639
Provider Telephone # (888) 501-7686
Provider Website Address: www.alliedschools.com
Provider Address: 22952 Alcalde Drive Laguna Hills, CA 92653

License Course Titles and Descriptions:*

  • Escrows – a 45-hour qualifying education course that covers the escrow procedures that are followed to facilitate the transfer of property between two parties, typically under a contract. Textbook: Escrow Principles & Practices, Author: Sherry Shindler Price & Leigh Conway, Copyright Date: 2018, Edition: 7th edition, 4th printing
  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate – a 45-hour qualifying education course that covers the concepts behind important real estate laws and their practical application to real estate transactions. Textbook: Legal Aspects of Real Estate, Author: Frank Zotter, Jr. & Leigh Conway, Copyright Date: 2017, Edition: 5th edition, 3rd printing
  • Property Management – a 45-hour qualifying education course that covers the business of property management and describes the responsibilities that property managers handle on a daily basis. Textbook: Property Management, Author: Leigh Conway, Copyright Date: 2017, Edition: 7th edition
  • Real Estate Appraisal – a 45-hour qualifying education course that covers the basic principles and procedures of the appraisal process as it applies to residential property. Textbook: Real Estate Appraisal, Author: Roy Bottger & Eric Sharkey, Copyright Date: 2017, Edition: 5th edition, 2nd printing
  • Real Estate Economics – a 45-hour qualifying education course that covers various economic theories and concepts and their application to the real estate market and real property values. Textbook: Real Estate Economics, Author: William G. Willson & Leigh Conway, Copyright Date: 2016, Edition: 3rd edition
  • Real Estate Finance – a 45-hour qualifying education course that has an overview of money and mortgage markets and covers various loan programs and their underwriting guidelines. Textbook: Real Estate Finance, Author: Sherry Shindler Price & Leigh Conway, Copyright Date: 2017, Edition: 9th edition
  • Real Estate Office Administration – a 45-hour qualifying education course that provides practical guidance on opening and running a real estate brokerage office. Textbook: Real Estate Brokerage, Author: Tom Jensen & Leigh Conway, Copyright Date: 2018, Edition: 5th edition, 2nd printing
  • Real Estate Practice – a 45-hour qualifying education course that offers practical guidance about real estate transactions and gives details on completing seller’s and buyer’s forms. Textbook: California Real Estate Practice, Author: Sherry Shindler Price & Leigh Conway, Copyright Date: 2017, Edition: 7th edition, 2nd printing
  • Real Estate Principles – a 45-hour qualifying education course that covers the fundamental concepts regarding property and real estate transactions. Textbook: California Real Estate Principles, Author: Sherry Shindler Price & Leigh Conway, Copyright Date: 2017, Edition: 17th Edition, 3rd printing.

Date and Location: Not Applicable (Correspondence with Online Quizzes and Exams Courses)
Method of Course Presentation:
All of Allied’s qualifying education courses are correspondence with online quizzes and exams.

Prices and Enrollment Information

The more courses you enroll in, the lower the tuition for each course (see table below).

1 course = $88.00 ($88.00 each)2 courses = $149.00 ($74.50 each)3 courses = $219.00 ($73,00 each)4 courses = $289.00 ($72.25 each)
5 courses = $349.00 ($69.80 each)6 courses = $409.00 ($68.17 each)7 courses = $459.00 ($65.57 each)8 courses = $509.00 ($63.63 each)

Course Completion Time Limits

DRE mandates students taking these courses online must spend a minimum of 18 days per course, beginning from the day of enrollment, before each final exam will unlock. Courses may be completed according to the minimum time frames listed below:

1 course = 18 days2 courses = 36 days3 courses = 54 days4 courses = 72 days
5 courses = 90 days6 courses = 108 days7 courses = 126 days8 courses = 144 days

Allied provides its students with a full one-year enrollment term so if any final exam is not successfully completed within these parameters, re-enrollment in the incomplete course would be required in order to receive credit and a Certificate of Completion for that course. Re-enrollment fees apply.

Quizzes and Final Exam

Each course is a correspondence course that consists of comprehensive text reading, either online via PDFs or from hardcopy textbooks. Optional, but strongly suggested, review quizzes accompanies each chapter. Each course concludes with a mandatory 100-question open-book, multiple-choice final exam, which will be graded for competency. Final exams are 3 hours long and a score of 70% or higher must be achieved in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. You may retake the final exam if you do not receive a passing score; however CalBRE requires an 18-day moratorium before doing so.

When you are ready to take your final exam, go to http://iboard.alliedschools.com, Click the “final exam” link that is posted on the left side of your screen. Immediately before the administration of the final examination you must provide one of the following forms of identification: current California driver’s license; current identification card described in Section 13000 of the California Vehicle Code; or, any identification of the participant issued by a governmental agency or a recognized real estate related trade organization within the immediately preceding five years which bears a photograph, signature and identification number of the participant. Read each question and click the circle next to the answer you select. When you are finished click “SUBMIT” to see your score. If you have not completed the exam after the 3-hour timeframe is up, the exam will stop, and it will be graded as is. The exam cannot be downloaded, printed, or copied.

Once you have completed the course, please take a moment to fill out the California Department of Real Estate’s course and instructor evaluation form (RE 318A) located at: http://dre.ca.gov/Forms/EducationResearchSponsors.htmlf.

Refund Policy

Students may cancel an enrollment and request a full refund for any reason up to 7 calendar days from the date of enrollment.* The refund/cancellation request must be made before midnight on the 7th day. Completed courses are not eligible for a refund. Please go to http://www.alliedschools.com/support. to request a cancellation and refund.

*Online Instructor-Led Mortgage Licensing course refunds are prorated based on assignments completed.

DRE Disclaimer Statement:

These courses are approved for continuing education credit by the California Department of Real Estate. However, this approval does not constitute an endorsement of the views or opinions which are expressed by the course sponsor, instructor, authors, and lecturers.

Course Provider Complaint Statement:

A course provider complaint form is available on the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) website at http://dre.ca.gov/Forms/EducationResearchSponsors.html.

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