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If you have questions regarding Washington real estate broker license courses you can find some frequently answered questions below. If your question hasn’t been answered below then you can contact an Allied representative by clicking on the “Envelope Icon” above. If you need immediate assistance please call (800) 617-3513.

I want to get my real estate license, but Washington only has an option to get a broker license. Is this the same thing?

Yes, in Washington State, the Department of Licensing designates a salesperson as a broker. It is the equivalent of another state’s salesperson license where you need to complete pre-licensing education and pass a state exam. If you decide to become a broker, you will get your managing broker license, which entails additional education and full-time experience as an active real estate broker or other qualifying experience.

I just enrolled. How do I access my online course?

You can access your materials in a matter of minutes. Here’s how to get started:
  1. Go to www.realestatelicense.com
  2. At the top of the Allied website, click the student login icon (the graduation hat)
  3. Choose the course you’re trying to access
  4. Fill in your information and login.
That’s it. Time to get to work!

What if I need assistance with my online courses?

Just because Allied is an online school doesn’t mean you won’t get the attention you deserve. If you have questions pertaining to your courses or are having a technical problem, you can call (800) 617-3513 during open business hours from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm M-F. You can also get your questions answered though our Facebook page or by sending an email.

What happens if I logout of a course before I’m finished?

Anytime you logout, or lose your internet connection, you will be able to continue right where you left off when the session ended. Students don’t have to worry about losing their work with Allied online courses.

What happens if I fail an Allied course final exam?

With Allied course exams, you are able to retake a failed final exam at no additional fee.

How and when do I schedule the Washington real estate exam?

First, before you complete your coursework, you must register as a student with the testing vendor, Applied Measurements Professionals, Inc. (AMP). Second, your school must submit your course completions electronically to AMP to complete the examination registration process. Third, after your school submits your education information to AMP, you can schedule your exam online, by phone or via mail. Please note: You must bring two current forms of identification to the testing center (at least one should have a current photo).

I recently passed the real estate exam. What is the next step?

After passing the exam, you can complete the real estate license application and follow the instructions on the form. Also, take the fingerprint card you received at the testing center to any fingerprinting service approved by the Washington State Patrol and have your fingerprints taken. The completed application, along with the fingerprint card and required fee, should be submitted to Real Estate Licensing, Department of Licensing at P.O. Box 3917, Seattle, WA 98124-3917.
Please note: The examination results are valid for one year. You need to apply for your license within this period of time. If you don’t, you will need to reapply to take the exam, and may have to meet additional education requirements.

I am not licensed as a broker but have five years of experience in a real estate-related field. Can I take the managing broker examination?

You can view the procedures for obtaining approval to take the broker examination using alternate experience in lieu of two years of salesperson licensing on the state real estate website at: www.dol.wa.gov/business/realestate/brokerslicense.html. Click on the Forms button, which is located on the right side of the page. The necessary information is located under Managing broker Examination Waiver Procedures. If you have any questions regarding this approval process, you can call (360) 664-6488 for assistance.

I am planning to move to Washington and already have a real estate license from another state. What do I need to do to practice as a real estate broker in Washington?

You will need to request a certified license history from the real estate licensing agency in the state where you’re currently licensed. The license history should be mailed, along with a cover letter that includes your mailing address, to Real Estate Licensing, Department of Licensing, P.O. Box 9021, Olympia, WA 98507-9021.
Note: If you have been actively licensed in the last six months, you will only be required to take the Washington State portion of the licensing exam. Also, if you qualify, your education requirements may be waived.

How can I activate an inactive license?

First, if you’ve been inactive more than three years, you will need to meet the education requirements. If you’ve been inactive for less than one year, you may need to complete the education requirements before activating your license. Second, you will need to complete and sign a “Real Estate License Transfer and Activation” form. Last, you will need to mail the form to Real Estate Licensing, Department of Licensing, P.O. Box 9021, Olympia, WA 98507-9021.

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