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Virginia Real Estate Fast Track Package

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If you’re ready to prepare for a Virginia real estate salesperson career, this is the licensing package you need.

The Virginia Real Estate Fast Track Package includes the state-required 60-hour pre-licensing education and state exam preparation materials, plus Allied’s exclusive 110% Money Back Guarantee! The course and materials are available 100% online on your schedule. What are you waiting for? You can prepare now!

With Allied, you receive a fast, convenient and easy way to learn. Prepare from your home or office! You can satisfy the Virginia real estate license requirements and study for the license exam through the use of your computer. Take up to one year to complete the Real Estate Principles Course, and then prepare for the Virginia real estate license exam with a unique password that gives you access for 90 days.

Your education is approved by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR), with materials that are aligned with Virginia state laws and regulations.

What you’ll get with this package:

  • Virginia Real Estate Principles Course
  • Online Exam Prep
  • 110% Money Back Promise
  • State Approved
  • 100% Online Education

Virginia Real Estate Principles Course

Allied’s Virginia Principles of Real Estate is a 60-hour online course that covers basic real estate principles and Virginia-specific information. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to identify real estate terminology and to recognize Virginia’s real estate laws and principles. This course will also assist you in preparing your real estate licensing exam.

Course Materials

Online Text: Virginia Real Estate Principles

16 Required Lessons – Each lesson includes an overview, objectives and assignments with a multiple-choice quiz and unit exam

Final Exam – 100 multiple-choice; Non-proctored

Course Syllabus

Course Objectives

  • Recall the characteristics of Virginia that make it unique--climate, geography, demographics, economy, and housing market.
  • Identify the bundle of rights and types of property, categorize estates, designate methods of holding property ownership, and recall how to safeguard ownership through the recording process.
  • Recall the types of encumbrances and the ways to acquire or convey title to real property.
  • Recognize the various brokerage relationships and agreements and the law of agency upon which they are based.
  • Specify basic characteristics of contracts and identify the types of contracts used in real estate transactions.
  • Specify various disclosures required for Virginia real estate transactions.
  • Classify the types of real property taxes and the possible income tax benefits of ownership in real property.
  • Recall the specific aspects of real estate finance, including loans and lending institutions.
  • Recognize the appraisal process and principles of valuation.
  • Recall the principles of land use planning, development, and construction and the types of building styles.
  • Characterize brokerages and their day-to-day activities, recall factors for choosing a brokerage, recognize ethical and legal behavior expected of real estate licensees, and identify specialized fields in real estate.
  • Indicate how to obtain and keep a real estate license based on the provisions of the Real Estate Law.

Virginia Online Exam Prep

The Virginia online exam preparation materials are designed to provide you with an interactive way to review important concepts and terms, so you pass the state exam on your first try. The exam is administered by PSI Exams Online. Note: Applicants must obtain approval from the DPOR Board prior to taking the exam.

There are 2,500 practice questions that cover the national portion of the state exam and 300 that cover the state portion of the exam in areas such as agency, contracts, disclosures, financing and more. You’ll benefit from:

  • Interactive questions and answers
  • Mock exams
  • Customized review

110% Money Back Guarantee

110% Money Back Promise

Pass the real estate license state exam on the first try or get a full refund plus 10% of your entire package purchase price (less tax and shipping). If you are not successful the first time, simply return all course materials, along with your state failure notice within your initial enrollment term, and we will issue you a 110% refund. Refund applies to money that is actually received by Allied from the student, not including outstanding loan balances. Offer valid for only those who purchase any of the applicable packages in one enrollment. Offer is subject to change without notice.

View Allied’s Qualifying Programs for the 110% Money Back Guarantee.

Get everything you need in one convenient package! You can access all of the necessary materials to take the Real Estate Principles Course and get ready for the Virginia real estate license exam.

Enroll now or talk with an Allied Representative today.

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