The Plain English Real Estate Dictionary

The Plain English Real Estate Dictionary

The Plain English Real Estate Dictionary

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If you need a handy guide to help simplify real estate terms, this dictionary is the ideal choice!

The Plain English Real Estate Dictionary was created with the goal of simplifying and clarifying the language of the real estate profession for real estate students and anyone else with an interest in the real estate field.

It is a practical, easy-to-use resource guide that includes hundreds of terms and definitions. It provides clear and concise definitions in a handy book format, while also including helpful charts, math formulas and tables for your reference.

The Plain English Dictionary includes:

  • A comprehensive selection of real estate terms
  • Illustrated charts showing the connections between related terms
  • Real estate math
  • Measurement conversion table

The book includes common real estate terms and concepts, as well as those that are more complex and confusing, written in a manner that makes them clear and understandable.

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