Texas 98-Hour Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) Package

Texas 98-Hour Salesperson Apprentice Education Package

Texas 98-Hour Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) Package

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Choose this package if you need to fulfill the 98-hour Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) required within the first two years of getting your license.

You can meet your SAE needs with an all-inclusive package that has convenient online courses that are accessible day or night. Stay current with Allied’s online renewal courses!

Don’t let your license lapse; you’ve worked hard to get your Texas real estate salesperson license. Allied has the core real estate courses you need to stay current with 100% online, TREC-approved courses. TREC SAE rule requires a sales agent to complete a total of 98 hours at his or her first renewal (end of second year), which must include 90 hours in additional qualifying real estate courses and 8 hours in Legal Update I and II, during the term of the license. After the initial SAE requirement, you will renew your license every two years with the CE package.

The Texas Real Estate 98-Hour SAE Package includes:

You get these courses:

  • 4-Hour TREC Legal Update I (4-Hour) - Syllabus
  • 4-Hour TREC Legal Update II (4-Hour) – Syllabus

Plus, you can choose three additional courses:

  • 30-Hour Texas Real Estate Appraisal Course - Syllabus
  • 30-Hour Texas Real Estate Law Course - Syllabus
  • 30-Hour Texas Real Estate Brokerage - Syllabus
  • 30-Hour Texas Property Management - Syllabus

Click here for details about TREC Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) Requirements

About Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE):

If your first license renewal is approaching at the end of your second year of original licensure, you are required to complete Sales Agent Apprenticeship Education (SAE), which consists of an additional 98 hours of core real estate courses. When choosing your courses, you can’t get credit for a class you’ve previously taken.

To keep your license active, you must complete the SAE requirements and submit proof to TREC before the end of the second year that you are licensed.

Note: The above Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) courses are also available separately. Call (800) 617-3513 for further information or to enroll.

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TREC Approved Proprietary School ID # 990009260; QE Provider # 0595; MCE Provider #0485

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