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Nevada Real Estate License FAQs

Have a question about your online real estate course or need some technical assistance? Check out some of the most asked questions below.

What if I have a question on a homework assignment?

With Allied you always have the support you need. If you ever have a question with an assignment, you can always call or send an email for assistance. Just call (800) 617-3513 or click on the “Envelop Icon” at the top of our website to email your inquiry.

Are there specific computer requirements?

In order to get the most out of your online classes you’ll need an IBM-compatible computer with Flash 5 or higher and Adobe Reader. Online videos are not compatible with Mac computers.

Where do I access my online classes?

You can access your classes through the Allied website at

  • At the top of the screen, click the “Student Login” icon that looks like a graduation hat.
  • Select the course you’re trying to access.
  • Enter your login information and get started.

Do I need exam prep for the state exam?

The exam prep materials give you a unique, inside look at what the state exam is going to be like. You have access to hundreds of questions and answers known to be on the Nevada real estate license exam. You can also tailor your study to provide extra help in specific areas. Instant results let you know what is right and wrong, and detailed explanations show why an answer is correct. With these materials, you get a preview of the state exam. Take the mock tests as often as you’d like to prepare yourself for the real thing.

What education do I need to get my Nevada real estate license?

To become licensed in the state of Nevada, you must show proof of completion of the required 90 hours or six-semester units of instruction in Nevada Real Estate Principles, Practices, Procedures, Law and Ethics course from an accredited provider of the Nevada Real Estate Commission. The course must include 18 hours of Nevada Law. Certified transcripts must be submitted with the license application.

When do I need to renew my Nevada real estate license?

The original real estate license is valid for a one-year period that ends the last day of the month during which you obtained your license. Each renewal thereafter is for a two-year period. Renewal notices are sent as a courtesy approximately six weeks prior to expiration.

What are the continuing education requirements?

The continuing education requirements are as follows:

  • First renewal – Complete 30 hours of post-licensing courses and submit the renewal fee and completed renewal form.
  • Second and subsequent renewal – Complete 24 hours of continuing education, including three hours of Agency Relationships, three hours of Nevada Law, three hours of Contracts, three hours of Ethics, and 12 hours of general courses. Submit the renewal fee and completed renewal form.

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Nevada Real Estate License Requirements

How to get your Nevada real estate license.

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