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If you’re just starting out in real estate and need pre-licensing education and exam prep, this is the package for you.

Get everything you need in one convenient package! With the Nevada Fast Track Package, you get the Nevada Real Estate Principles, Practices, Procedures, Law and Ethics course, in addition to the Nevada Real Estate License Online Exam Prep. Get access to all of the necessary materials to meet your state’s education requirements and prepare for the Nevada real estate license exam, which includes a unique password that is valid for 90 days.

The package includes the 90-hour pre-licensing requirement and state exam preparation materials, all 100% online. You can take up to one year to complete the course, and then prepare for the Nevada real estate license exam.

Nevada Real Estate Principles, Practices, Procedures, Law and Ethics Course

Course Materials

Online Text: Nevada Real Estate Principles, Practices, Procedures, Law and Ethics

32 required Units – Each unit includes an overview, objectives and assignments with a multiple-choice unit exam

Final Exam – 124 multiple-choice; Non-proctored; 75% required

Course Syllabus

Course Details

The Nevada Real Estate Principles, Practices, Procedures, Law and Ethics course is 90 hours, which covers basic real estate principles and Nevada-specific information. You will begin the course by learning about the different types of real estate careers and the activities that a real estate licensee engages in. You will then learn to differentiate among the various types and shapes of houses and classify the characteristics of personal and real property. Federal and state regulations that govern the use of land in Nevada will be reviewed.

You will also learn how to distinguish ownership in severalty from undivided ownership. You will understand how to classify testamentary instruments and list the steps to obtain land through adverse possession. Types of agency law will be discussed, along with the different classifications and elements of valid contracts. The functions of the Federal Reserve System, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae will be reviewed as well.

In addition, the characteristics and guidelines of conventional, conforming, non-conforming, and government-backed loans will be introduced. You will then learn about the steps in the appraisal process and the escrow process. Lastly, federal fair housing laws and the Real Estate Law will also be discussed.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to identify real estate terminology and to recognize Nevada’s real estate laws and principles. This course will also assist in preparing you for your real estate licensing exam.

Course Objectives

  • Recall the factors necessary for success in a real estate career (e.g., adequate finances, professionalism, goal setting, good communication skills), the activities new licensees participate in brokerage offices (e.g., goal setting, prospecting, gaining product knowledge, working with buyers and sellers), and the typical compensation plans for new licensees.
  • Specify ethical and legal conduct and business practices regarding agency relationships, trust funds, fair housing, and civil rights.
  • Recognize the Nevada requirements to obtain and renew a real estate license and the conduct for which a Nevada real estate licensee can be disciplined.
  • Identify the characteristics and legal description of real property, the types of ownership interests, and the manner in which those interests can be owned, encumbered, and conveyed.
  • Indicate the contracts and disclosures used in Nevada real estate transactions.
  • Recall the escrow and title services needed to ensure marketable title and to effectuate closings.
  • Classify the types of real property taxes and the possible income tax benefits of ownership in real property.
  • Recall characteristics of markets that are integral to real estate transactions—money markets, primary and secondary mortgage markets, and real estate markets.
  • Recall the purpose of an appraisal, the main appraisal methods used to develop an opinion of value, including their applications and methodologies, and the elements and economic principles that influence the opinion of value.
  • Identify the types of home loan programs available to borrowers and the fair lending laws that provide for the fair and equal treatment of all consumers when obtaining financing.
  • Recognize the underwriting process and finance instruments used to obtain a loan and, in the event of a default, the steps taken to cure the default or foreclose on the property.
  • Identify other areas of real estate related activities, such as business opportunity brokerage, property management, probate sales, manufactured home resales, and managing common interest communities.
  • Recall the regulation of land use, subdivided land sales, and time-share sales in Nevada.
  • Solve real estate problems using math and basic formulas.

Nevada Real Estate License Exam Online Prep

The Nevada online exam preparation materials provide you with a fast, convenient and easy way to review important real estate concepts. With 100s of questions and answers, customized exam questions and hands-on practice tests, you’ll get the interactive review you need to succeed! Your prep will include:

  • 2,500 National Questions
  • 300 State Questions

This exam prep is designed to prepare you to pass the Nevada Real Estate Salesperson Exam administered by PSI Services, LLC (PSI). The Nevada Real Estate Salesperson Examination consists of two portions—National (80 questions) and State (40 questions). The total time allowed for both portions of the examination is 3 hours. You must pass both portions (National and State) within a 1-year period immediately preceding your application for your real estate license. Examinees must score a 75% or better on each portion.

Allied Business Schools, Inc. is approved by the Nevada Real Estate Commission. Allied Business Schools, Inc. is licensed in Nevada by the CPE. The institution’s cancellation and refund policy is available in the Policies, Terms and Agreement.

Start today! Satisfy the Nevada real estate license requirements and study for the license exam with one complete package all on your own computer, on your own time.

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