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Are you ready for opportunity? Partner with Allied today and take the first step toward your sales associate career with no cap on your potential. We’ve done this for over 20 years and know what it takes. Your new career is within reach - you just have to get started!

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The real estate market is rising, meaning more transactions and higher commissions. Join the growing real estate industry and make money. It’s time to realize your full career potential!

This is a great time to get your Florida real estate license. It’s easy and affordable to start your real estate education with Allied. Our materials satisfy FREC (Florida Real Estate Commission) requirements – so you can successfully prepare to pass the Florida state real estate exam on your first try! Start today with an all-inclusive package that meets your education need at every stage.

Choosing Allied as your training provider is an ideal choice for a flexible and convenient real estate education in Florida. We’ve been reliable real estate license training providers since 1992 and know how to provide an effective online learning experience. There are many schools you can choose for your education, but make sure that you select a school that supports your success from the very first day. At Allied, there are live student and educational support specialists who can assist you with your course, technical, and school questions. Also, the online platform enables you to be in charge of your education, so you not only get the support system you need but the ability to choose when and how you learn – a win-win for your real estate career!

Allied provides Florida real estate education for every stage of your career. Whether you are just starting out and need pre-licensing and/or post-licensing education or require your CE hours, you can meet your training goals with Allied. Get your real estate agent career off the ground with online, flexible courses. There are 108-hour, 63-hour and 45-hour packages for your licensing needs as well as an 18-hour CE package.Plus, with online courses, you can be in charge of your education. You can decide when and where to learn, while still managing a full-time career and family responsibilities. When you enroll in your courses, you can simply log on and start your coursework right away! You’ll complete your assignments, quizzes and tests all within the online portal.

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Whether you live in South Florida in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Bonita Springs, or Palm Beach, in Central Florida near Tampa, St. Petersburg, Palm Bay, or Orlando, reside in Northern Florida’s Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Panama City, Gainesville, or the Panhandle’s Tallahassee, Allied’s Florida real estate courses are 100% online. That means you can get your Florida real estate license from anywhere in the state with Allied’s comprehensive real estate online classes, whenever it’s convenient for you.

What’s it Like to have a Florida Real Estate License?

Be your own boss, run your own business. If you like being in charge of your own schedule then this is the career for you. You get all the benefits and freedom you want, but you’ll also need the knowledge and self-discipline to stick to your business plan. As a new sales associate, you’ll need to find your own clients and maintain relationships with them so when it comes time for them to buy or sell property, they come to you. Much of the job requires clever marketing and networking to be successful.

Your pay has no limit. The smarter and harder you work, the more you’ll make. Some real estate sales associates make well over 100k a year, some fall well short of that too. It all depends on the area you’re concentrating on, as well as, your work ethic and approach. There’s no limit to what you can make in real estate when you apply yourself in the right way.

Create your own work hours. Work as much or a little as you want. As a sales associate you can create your own work hours. This means you are researching and trying to find new clients much of the time, which as a result, leads to home sales. You have to put a lot of work in at the beginning of your career in order to find the success you’re looking for to maintain it. It’s not a field for instant rewards, but if you put in the hours and work hard, it can pay off in the long run.

You get to travel and work outside. Many people aren’t cut out for life in a cubical. For these people life as a real estate sales associate becomes a very appealing career choice. When you work a job you’re exciting to do, time doesn’t drag and work doesn’t feel like work anymore. Sales associates are always on the go so it takes the monotony out of a long day and you feel more satisfied with your accomplishments. And getting lots of fresh air is just another added bonus.

Help people with a big decision in their life. It feels good to help people with one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make in their life. Your clients will turn to you and put their trust in you to provide them with the information they need to make a critical decision. This means agents need to know the market inside-and-out in order to help them make the right decision. They depend on your expert knowledge to help them find a property that’s within their budget and still meets their needs.

Grow your business by becoming a broker. After you get the hang of being sales associate, you can put in the extra time to become a sales broker. If you have the aspirations of starting your own business and having sales associates working for you in the field, then getting your broker’s license could be the perfect next step in your career. If you’re ready to become a broker today, check out some of our real estate broker pre-license education packages.

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Florida Pre-Licensing & Post-Licensing Package

Be fully prepared with the Florida Real Estate Prep & Post Licensing Package and receive a comprehensive program with all of the online materials you need to meet both your pre-licensing and post-licensing education requirements, including online exam prep to prepare for the state exam.


  • Florida Real Estate Pre-Licensing for Sales Associates
  • Florida Real Estate Post-Licensing for Sales Associates
  • Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Online

Price: $198.00

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Florida Pre-Licensing Fast Track Package

Meet your education requirements and prepare for the state exam with the convenient Florida Real Estate Pre-Licensing Fast Track Package, which includes the 63-Hour Florida Pre-Licensing for Sales Associates course and interactive online practice tests to help satisfy your pre-license education hours and effectively study.


  • Florida Real Estate Pre-Licensing for Sales Associates
  • Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Online

Price: $148.00

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Florida Dual Licensing Package

The all-inclusive Florida Dual Licensing Package helps you differentiate yourself from the competition with a dual background in Florida real estate sales and mortgage loan origination (MLO) by providing a solid foundation of education that includes a Florida real estate course and industry-leading exam prep as well as 20 hours of SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator pre-license education and national exam prep.


  • Florida Real Estate Pre-Licensing & Post-Licensing Package
  • National SAFE MLO Fast Track Package with Prep

Price: $441.40

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Florida Pre-Licensing for Sales Associates Course

The 63-Hour Florida Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course includes the FREC-approved Florida Pre-Licensing for Sales Associates education that covers relevant concepts and up-to-date terms, theories and concepts, in addition to fundamental real estate information.

Price: $128.00

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Florida Post-Licensing for Sales Associates Course

Meeting your post-licensing requirements has never been more convenient with Allied’s 45-Hour Florida Real Estate Post-Licensing Course, which provides all of the training you need, such as advertising, qualifying prospects, filling out loan applications and agency disclosure forms and performing competitive market analyses, so you get the required hours prior to your license expiration date.

Price: $98.00

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Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Online

The Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Online provides access to hundreds of practice questions that provide an interactive review and help reinforce the information you learn in your courses – all 100% online and on your schedule!

Price: $68.00

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Exam Cram Vocabulary Flash Cards

Study on the go with Allied’s Exam Cram Vocabulary Flash Cards, which can travel with you while you learn your real estate concepts and terms.

Price: $30.00

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Florida Real Estate License CE Package

The Florida Real Estate CE Package enables you to meet your 14 hours of continuing education requirements from the comfort of home, with the Florida Real Estate Law Update, Florida Property Management and Florida Financing Strategies courses needed to keep your sales associate license current and your career on track.


  • Florida Real Estate Law Update
  • Florida Property Management
  • Florida Financing Strategies

Price: $18.00

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