Exam Cram Vocabulary Flash Cards

Exam Cram Vocabulary Flash Cards

Exam Cram Vocabulary Flash Cards

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If you want a hands-on review of important real estate concepts, this is the exam prep for you.

You can study anywhere with the Exam Cram Vocabulary Flash Cards, which can travel with you while you learn your real estate vocabulary. The flash cards include over 375 terms and definitions, which will help you prepare for the real estate license exam. It is a fast and effective way to learn!

The Exam Cram Vocabulary Flash Cards contain over 375 terms and definitions broken down into five (5) categories, which are color coded by subject:

  • Legal Aspects
  • Finance
  • Practice
  • Transfer & CLosing
  • Appraisal & Land Use

The flash cards help students commit key terms to memory. The terms and definitions are up-to-date and provide an ideal review of what you need to know.

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