California Real Estate Principles Course

California Real Estate Principles Course

California Real Estate Principles Course

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If you just need the standalone Principles course, this is the option for you.

Allied’s California Real Estate Principles Course is designed to assist students in beginning their real estate career. It is a 45-hour correspondence course with online quizzes and final. The course focuses on basic real estate principles required for California real estate professionals.

DRE General Information (CE)

You will gain a solid foundation of essential real estate terms, theories and concepts. It is an important step toward your future real estate career, and covers everything you need to know to pass the state license exam. Here’s how you’ll benefit:

  • Enroll in the correspondence version of the course.
  • Finish the course in as little as 18 days! (minimum time required by DRE).

Real Estate Principles Course Materials

  • California Real Estate Principles textbook (hardcopy version is available for an additional cost)
  • 15 required units
  • Each unit includes: overview, objectives and assignments with optional multiple-choice quizzes
  • Final exam - 100 multiple-choice questions
  • Certificate of Completion - You will have access when you complete your course
  • Course Syllabus

Course Description

The Real Estate Principles course provides an in-depth overview of fundamental real estate concepts—from agency relationships through closing procedures. The course describes the functions of the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) as it pertains to getting, renewing, and maintaining a real estate license. As an introductory course, it will provide you with the foundation needed for the other real estate courses that are required for licensure and will also assist you in preparing your real estate licensing exam.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Recall the characteristics of California that make it unique--climate, geography, demographics, economy, and housing market.
  • Recall the principles of land use planning, development, and construction and the types of building styles.
  • Characterize brokerages and their day-to-day activities, recall factors for choosing a brokerage, recognize ethical and legal behavior expected of real estate licensees, and identify specialized fields in real estate.
  • Indicate how to obtain and keep a real estate license based on the provisions of the Real Estate Law.
  • Identify the bundle of rights and types of property, categorize estates, designate methods of holding property ownership, and recall how to safeguard ownership through the recording process.
  • Recall the types of encumbrances and the ways to acquire or convey title to real property.
  • Recognize the various agency relationships, the obligations and rights of agents and principals, and the types of listing agreements.
  • Specify basic characteristics of contracts and identify the types of contracts used in real estate transactions.
  • Specify various disclosures required for California real estate transactions.
  • Indicate the escrow and closing procedures used for California real estate transactions.
  • Recall the specific aspects of real estate finance, including loans and lending institutions.
  • Recognize the appraisal process and principles of valuation.

Online Real Estate Course Advantage

There are advantages to enrolling in Allied’s corrspondence version of the California Real Estate Principles Course.

  • The 18-day minimum time requirement begins the minute you log into your course. You can get a jumpstart on the material and finish even faster.
  • You immediately get all of the course material. There is no lag time before you receive your shipment.
  • You take the final exam in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to schedule time with a proctor.
  • You will have access to a Certificate of Completion when you complete your course. You are immediately ready to proceed to the next step.

Completion Time for the Real Estate Principles Course

There is an 18-day minimum time requirement for the Real Estate Principles Course before you can take the final exam. With an online class, the 18-day timeframe begins on the day you first log in and access your course material.

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