California 45-Hour Salesperson & Broker License Renewal


California 45-Hour Salesperson & Broker License Renewal

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If you have an existing salesperson or broker license and need to meet your four-year renewal requirement, this is the renewal for you.

DRE General Information (CE)

Once you get your real estate salesperson or broker license, it is important to ensure that you meet all of the renewal requirements. You can satisfy the required hours with Allied’s comprehensive courses. Learn at your convenience with the flexibility of correspondence courses that include online exams.

Keep your salesperson or broker license up to date with the 45-Hour California Real Estate Salesperson & Broker License Renewal Package, or choose to enroll in the individual courses to meet your requirements. Either way, you’ll get access to PDF content to read on the go as well as online quizzes and final exam.

Meet Your California Real Estate Renewal Today

If you are either renewing an original salesperson or broker license for the first time or need to fulfill subsequent renewals, the following options will help you meet your required hours.

Get started with an all-inclusive 45-hour renewal package or enroll in one course at a time:

California 45-Hour Salesperson & Broker License Renewal Package (100% online)
California 45-Hour Salesperson & Broker License Renewal Package (Pay When You Pass*)
Agency (3 hours)
Ethics (3 hours)
Sales Comparison Techniques (9 hours)
Fair Housing (3 hours)
Management and Supervision (3 hours)
Real Estate Interests and Land Use (9 hours)
Risk Management (3 hours)
Trust Fund Handling (3 hours)
The Who, What and Why of Escrow (9 hours)

DRE regulation requires that CE students spend maximum of 8 hours per day in a correspondence course. DRE also limits CE students to a maximum of 15 course hours of exams per day.

Package Description

The renewal package covers several areas that affect you as a real estate licensee. You will learn about the law of agency and its importance in real estate sales. You will also learn about ethical behavior, license law violations, required disclosures, and the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics. The items an appraiser must consider when inspecting the exterior and interior of a property will be reviewed along with the sales comparison approach. You will read about the laws prohibiting discrimination in housing, whether renting, leasing, or buying. You will review the different types of property interests.

This package also covers the principles, practices, and procedures of risk management, the common risk areas, licensee activities that contribute to risk, risk reduction, and managing consumer litigation situations. In addition, you will read about the legal requirements for receiving and handling trust funds, what an agent’s responsibility is in regard to fair housing laws, and who is protected by them. It will also refresh your memory about escrow process and types of escrow.

About the Courses

You can complete 45 hours of coursework, with classes that are designed to satisfy all DRE requirements. You will receive instruction based on the following: Online-Textbook: California Continuing Education Courses


3-Hour Courses (Agency, Ethics, Fair Housing, Management and Supervision, Risk Management and Trust Fund Handling):

  • One required unit
  • Two 5-question multiple-choice quizzes
  • Final Exam: 15 questions; 15 minutes
    • 70% required
    • 2 attempts per exam
    • Open book

9-Hour Courses (Sales Comparison Techniques, Real Estate Interests and Land Use, and The Who, What, and Why of Escrow) :

  • Three required units
  • Three 10-question multiple-choice quizzes
  • Final Exam: 25 questions; 25 minutes
    • 70% required
    • 2 attempts per exam
    • Open book

All real estate salespeople or brokers are required to complete 45-hours of continuing education to keep their >California real estate licenses active and up to date. These hours fulfill the requirements for all salesperson or broker renewals. Your salesperson or broker license is issued for a four-year period and should be renewed prior to the expiration date listed on the license. As a courtesy reminder, the DRE will mail you a renewal reminder letter to your mailing address of record approximately 60 days prior to the license expiration date.

You will have access to a Certificate of Completion when you complete each course. Note: If you enroll in the California 45-Hour Salesperson & Broker License Renewal package with “Pay When You Pass option,” you will need to pass all required courses and pay for your package before you receive your certificates.

* Pay When You Pass!

Start now, pay later! You have the option to enroll in the California 45-Hour Salesperson & Broker License Renewal Package with a "Pay When You Pass" option. This means that you will pay for your courses after you complete the entire package. Enroll online now and pay nothing out-of-pocket until you pass.

Note: Due to DRE requirements to enhance student identity verification, you will be required to enter your CA driver’s license or identification number into the computer before you can access your final exams. Call for further details

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