California 45-Hour Salesperson & Broker License Renewal Package

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California 45-Hour Salesperson & Broker License Renewal Package

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If you have an existing salesperson or broker license and need to meet your four-year renewal requirement, this is the renewal for you.

CalBRE General Information (CE)

Once you get your real estate or broker license, it is important to ensure that you meet all of the renewal requirements. You can satisfy the required hours with Allied’s comprehensive courses. Learn online and at your convenience with the flexibility of distance education.

Choose the "Pay When You Pass" or "Pay Now" option when you enroll! We make it easy for you to get started. You can pay after you pass your courses!


If you are a CalBRE agent or broker with a license expiring on or after January 1, 2016, you will need to take 3 hours of Management and Supervision as part of your continuing education requirements. Allied’s California Real Estate 45-Hour Renewal Correspondence package has everything you need to meet these updated renewal requirements.

The standalone 3-Hour Management and Supervision course is still available for licensees who only need to fulfill that requirement. Call (800) 617-3513 today if this applies to you.

Keep your salesperson or broker license up to date with the correspondence version of the 45-hour California Real Estate Salesperson & Broker License Renewal Package, which gives you access to online content, plus PDFs to read on the go, as well as a Pay-When-You-Pass option.

Package Description

This renewal package covers several areas that affect you as a real estate licensee. You will learn about the law of agency and its importance in real estate sales. You will also learn about ethical behavior, license law violations, required disclosures, and the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics. The items an appraiser must consider when inspecting the exterior and interior of a property will be reviewed along with the sales comparison approach. You will read about the laws prohibiting discrimination in housing, whether renting, leasing, or buying. You will review the different types of property interests.

This package also covers the principles, practices, and procedures of risk management, the common risk areas, licensee activities that contribute to risk, risk reduction, and managing consumer litigation situations. In addition, you will read about the legal requirements for receiving and handling trust funds, what an agent’s responsibility is in regard to fair housing laws, and who is protected by them. It will also refresh your memory about escrow process and types of escrow.

California Real Estate 45-Hour Renewal Syllabus


  • Ethics Course
  • Agency Course
  • Fair Housing Course
  • Trust Fund Handling Course
  • Risk Management Course
  • Management and Supervision
  • Sales Comparison Techniques
  • Real Estate Interests and Land Use
  • The Who, What and Why of Escrow

Package Objectives

  • Identify agency and discern how it is created and terminated
  • Recognize ethics and specific violations of the real estate law
  • Indicate the order and purpose of the steps in the appraisal process
  • Identify the items an appraiser must consider when inspecting the exterior and interior of a property
  • Recall the sales comparison approach and discuss its applications, limitations, importance, and reliability
  • Name California fair housing laws, federal fair housing laws, and discrimination laws
  • Recall the responsibilities that employing brokers have to manage their offices and supervise their sales associates
  • Distinguish among different types of real property interests
  • Name forms of public restrictions on land use
  • Identify adjacent owner issues
  • Distinguish how risk management helps a licensee to avoid disciplinary action and lawsuits
  • Identify trust funds, trust fund liability, and accounting records
  • Recall parties who participate in escrow, the purpose of escrow, and its process
  • Identify the types of escrow—the Purchase Agreement, Supplemental Escrow Instructions, and General Provisions
  • Recall how an escrow is opened and specify the documents typically included in the sellers’ and buyers’ opening packages

If you passed the state exam and submitted a license application, and are either renewing an original salesperson or broker license for the first time or need to fulfill subsequent renewals, this renewal will help you meet your required hours.

All real estate salespeople or brokers are required to complete 45-hours of continuing education to keep their California real estate licenses active and up to date. These hours fulfill the requirements for all salespersons’ or broker renewals.

Your salesperson or broker license is issued for a four-year period and should be renewed prior to the expiration date listed on the license. As a reminder, the CalBRE will mail you a renewal form approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date.

These courses apply to individuals with existing licenses. You can complete 45 hours of coursework, with classes that are designed to satisfy all CalBRE requirements. You will receive instruction in the following areas:

Allied’s California Real Estate 45-Hour Renewal Correspondence Package

You’ll get access to:

Nine required modules. Each module includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. PDF of module content
  3. Multiple-choice quizzes

Quizzes are mandatory and are available online immediately after enrollment. Quizzes are untimed and require a score of 70% or greater. Quizzes may be taken an unlimited number of times.

There are nine online finals (one per module).

The minimum study time for the 45-hour package is six days. CalBRE regulation requires that CE students spend maximum of eight hours per day in a correspondence course. Accordingly, students may access the course final exams according to the schedule below and once all prerequisites have been met. Day 1 is the day of enrollment.

Module TitleApproved HoursPrerequisiteExam QuestionsExam MinutesFirst Day of Access
Agency310-Question Quiz1515Day 1 or later
Ethics310-Question Quiz1515Day 1 or later
Sales Comparison Techniques9Three 10-Question Quizzes2525Day 2 or later
Fair Housing310-Question Quiz1515Day 3 or later
Management and Supervision310-Question Quiz1515Day 3 or later
Real Estate Interests and Land Use9Three 10-Question Quizzes2525Day 4 or later
Risk Management310-Question Quiz1515Day 5 or later
Trust Fund Handling310-Question Quiz1515Day 5 or later
The Who, What and Why of Escrow9Three 10-Question Quizzes2525Day 6 or later

Students must answer 70% of the questions on each exam correctly to pass the final exams. If a student does not pass a final exam, he or she may retake a different version of a final with no penalty. If he or she does not pass an exam on the second attempt, he or she must re-enroll in the course and start from the beginning.

Note: Due to CalBRE requirements to enhance student identity verification, you will be required to enter your CA driver’s license or identification number into the computer before you can access your final exams. Call (800) 617-3513 for further details.

How are Allied’s renewal courses compliant with CalBRE rules?

  • Access course materials online or offline depending on your preference.
  • All quizzes will be required and students must pass each with a 70% or better to proceed.
  • Include PDFs of the online content for each module.
  • The final exams will follow each content module, i.e., students will read Agency and then take the Agency Final, read Ethics and then take the Ethics Final, etc.
  • Students will be allowed two attempts at each final exam. If they do not pass on the second attempt, the student will have to re-enroll in the course and start from the beginning.

Pay When You Pass!

This renewal includes a "Pay When You Pass" option. This means that you pay for your courses after you complete the package. If you don’t pass, then you don’t have to pay. Allied makes it simple! Enroll online now and pay nothing out-of-pocket until you pass.

You will have access to a Certificate of Completion when you complete all of the required modules. Note: You must successfully pass all required assignments and pay for your package before you receive your certificate.

Note: 100% online package w/e-textbooks (Hardcopy textbooks available for an additional $25)

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