SAFE MLO National Exam Online Prep with UST

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SAFE MLO National Exam Online Prep with UST

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Do you need to prepare for the national component of the state exam?

The exam prep is designed to help you properly prepare so you succeed the first time. Test your knowledge on national SAFE concepts with interactive, online practice tests.

Why Exam Prep?

  • Test scores of 75% or better are required before licensure is granted
  • Licensure will be required to conduct MLO business activities
  • Required 30-day waiting periods between first three failed test attempts
  • Required 6-month waiting period after the third failed attempt – no MLO business activity allowed
  • Costly payments/fees for each test attempt

What You Learn:

Comprehensive overview and refresher questions covering:
  • Federal Mortgage-Related Laws
  • General Mortgage Knowledge
  • Mortgage Loan Origination Activities
  • Ethics

What You Receive:

  • 100% Online Materials. 24 Hour Access on your schedule
  • 800+ Prep Questions (Including about 100 UST Questions). Grasp topics you need to know
  • SAFER Manual. Online prep includes a link to Allied’s SAFER manual (PDF) to help prepare for the national exam
  • Mock Exams. Create 125 question practice exams
  • Live Ed & Tech Support. Help when you need it

How You Will Benefit:

  • Save Money. Pass the first time and pay for one exam – not multiple exams
  • Keep Your Career on Track. Avoid 30-day or more waiting periods between failed exams
  • Gain a Competitive Edge. Meet compliance standards now, while other MLOs delay
  • Peace-of-Mind. Focus on leads and income; you know you are SAFE compliant

Please Note:
It is individual state law that determines when a state-licensed MLO is required to pass the SAFE Mortgage Test, complete pre-licensure or continuing education training, and when state-licensed MLOs are required to complete their background checks.

State-licensed MLOs should refer to the State Licensing Requirements Page regarding schedules for completing each of the professional requirements

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