20-Hour CA-DBO SAFE Comprehensive Course

CA MLO Nat 20Hr

20-Hour CA-DBO SAFE Comprehensive Course

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NMLS approved number 5132

If you need to meet your California 20-hour pre-license MLO requirement, this is the course for you.

this Course satisfies the pre-licensure education requirements to become a mortgage loan originator in California.

This 20-hour course includes:

  • 3 hours of federal laws and regulations – includes the TILA-RESPA Rule
  • 3 hours of ethics - includes instruction on fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending issues
  • 2 hours of CA-DBO specific agency regulations
The remaining 10 hours cover loan products and programs, underwriting, and settlement procedures.

Why Allied’s Online MLO Course?

  • Receive an NMLS approved, 100% online, instructor-led education
  • Satisfy SAFE pre-licensure education requirements
  • Benefit from an education with regular attendance and participation
  • Finish your course in 14 days

What You Will Receive:

  • 100% Online Materials
  • 5 Required Sections – Includes overview, objectives, 1 - 3 units of content and assignments with section class discussion, multiple-choice section exam and section activity (sections 1 -3)
  • Online Final Exam – 50 multiple-choice questions; non-proctored; 1.5 hour time limit
  • Personalized Student Support
  • Course Syllabus

Note: In order to ensure that students are completing all of their course studies (accumulating time) in iBoard, the eBook has been divided by section and will be provided to the student prior to each section exam.

What You Will Learn:

  • Recall ethical considerations in mortgage lending.
  • Identify the characteristics of mortgage fraud scams and predatory lending.
  • Differentiate among loan amortization types and specify features of real estate loans.
  • Identify and differentiate among various types of loan programs and financing options.
  • Recall aspects of the real estate loan underwriting and funding decisions.
  • Review the TILA-RESPA Rule and apply it to the completion of the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms.
  • Recognize elements of the settlement process, including loan-servicing issues.
  • Identify the two California state agencies that regulate mortgage licensees and differentiate the requirements for each type of license.
  • Recall fair lending legislation and specify the consumer protections provided by each fair lending law.

Course Schedule

Course sessions start each Wednesday and are limited to 15 students per session. Content and assignments will be released per the schedule in the above Course Syllabus (see PDF for details).

Course Attendance/Participation

Attendance is measured by the completion of academic events on specified days. Students are required to complete an academic event each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the class. If a student does not complete and academic event on each of these days, he or she will be administratively withdrawn from the course. An academic event is defined as a graded item that is a component of the overall course grade. Examples include a written assignment, a discussion board posting, or an exam. Students must be active/complete one assignment on the first day.

During the online course, Allied requires the student to regularly communicate with the course instructor and classmates through online means within the learning platform. Instructors will respond and grade assignments within 24 hours of the due date.

Course Timeframe

Minimum 14 days – Maximum 14 days, no extensions

The NMLS requires that students spend a minimum of 20 classroom hours* in this course. As such, students will not be permitted to access the Final Exam until they have logged 16.33 real hours (980 minutes) in the course and have successfully passed all required assignments. If the student completes the coursework before the 980-minute mark, he or she may log the appropriate time by reviewing the 11 units of content. Students will be logged out of the course after 6 minutes of inactivity.

*A classroom hour is defined as 50 seat minutes for each clock hour the course is approved

How You Will Benefit:

  • Be One Step Closer to SAFE Compliance. All MLOs have to complete at least 20 hours of SAFE mortgage education.
  • Keep Your Career Moving Forward. Continue to focus on leads and conducting business without disruption to your career.
  • Meet All of Your Education Requirements at One School. Allied also has exam prep to help you prepare for the National Test Component with Uniform State Content, as well as some State Components.

Please Note:
It is individual state law that determines when a state-licensed MLO is required to pass the SAFE Mortgage Test, complete pre-licensure or continuing education training, and when state-licensed MLOs are required to complete their background checks.

State-licensed MLOs should refer to the NMLS State Licensing Requirements page regarding schedules for completing each of the professional requirements.

Allied will pay the $30 credit banking fee to the NMLS upon course completion!

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