California Real Estate Broker Qualification Courses

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California Real Estate Broker Qualification Courses

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If you are ready to upgrade your career to real estate broker status, these are the courses you need.

Prepare to become your own boss and assume a management role in a real estate office. A real estate broker license can help you move forward and advance your career.

CalBRE General Information (QE)

Choose Your Real Estate Broker Courses

  • You need to complete five (5) required courses, as well as three (3) additional elective courses*
  • The courses are offered online
  • The courses provide up-to-date information to qualify you for the broker license exam
  • The courses include 15 quizzes and an open-book final exam
  • You will have access to a Certificate of Completion after you complete each broker course

REQUIRED (You must enroll in ALL of the following courses)

  • Real Estate Practice - Syllabus
  • Focuses on the real world of California real estate practices.
  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate - Syllabus
  • Provides a useful reference guide for the laws and regulations surrounding real estate.
  • Real Estate Finance - Syllabus
  • Provides a solid foundation of basic finance, and expands into areas such as the mortgage market, appraisals, and more.
  • Real Estate Appraisal - Syllabus
  • Covers current California appraisal techniques and standards.
  • Real Estate Economics - Syllabus
  • Covers a wide range of real estate economic topics.

ELECTIVE (You need to enroll in THREE of the following courses)

  • Real Estate Principles - Syllabus
  • Teaches essential real estate terms, theories and concepts.
  • Property Management - Syllabus
  • Covers property management concepts from analysis to acquisition.
  • Escrows - Syllabus
  • Includes proven procedures and explanations for the escrow process.
  • Real Estate Office Administration - Syllabus
  • Focuses on starting and managing a brokerage business.

Course Pricing (Multiple-Course Discounts)
Below are the prices for the broker qualification courses. Simply choose the courses you need and meet your broker requirements with Allied. Please note that the costs reflect multiple course discounts. This means the more courses you buy, the more you will save!

# of CoursesPrice with BooksPrice with No Books

Please note that additional classes meet the California broker requirements, including: General Accounting, Business Law, Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending, Advanced Legal Aspects of Real Estate, Advanced Real Estate Finance, and Advanced Real Estate Appraisal.

*You may have already met the broker educational requirements through previous college-level courses. If you are unsure, simply contact Allied at (800) 617-3513 to find out. We can go over your college transcripts to determine if prior courses can be used to satisfy these requirements.

110% Money Back Guarantee

110% Money Back Promise

Pass the real estate license state exam on the first try or get a full refund plus 10% of your entire package purchase price (less tax and shipping). If you are not successful the first time, simply return your state failure notice within your initial enrollment term, and we will issue you an 110% refund. Refund applies to money that is actually received by Allied from the student, not including outstanding balances. Offer valid for only those who purchase any of the packages listed below in one enrollment. Offer is subject to change without notice.

Qualifying Programs:

  • California Fast Track Premium Program
  • California Salesperson Exam Cram Multimedia Package
  • California Broker Course(s) with Exam Cram Multimedia Package
  • California Broker Exam Cram Multimedia Package
  • Texas Real Estate License Premium Package
  • Texas Real Estate Exam Cram Multimedia Package (Salesperson or Broker)
  • Virginia Real Estate Principles + Online Prep Package
  • Washington Real Estate Fast Track Package
The 110% Money Back Guarantee does NOT apply to Florida or Nevada real estate packages.

Price is based on maximum savings of eight online broker courses with no textbooks. Other pricing options will vary – learn more now!

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