If you have an existing college degree, you have until the end of the year to take advantage of the current real estate broker applicant requirements. Don’t wait if you’ve considered becoming a real estate broker!

As the law exists today, according to a recent press release, “an applicant for a real estate broker’s license must first become a salesperson and acquire at least two years of full time experience in real estate, working under the supervision of a broker, before one can become a broker” (Enhanced Online News, August 28, 2012). But there is an exception to the rule. If you have a college degree, you can bypass the two years of experience requirement and get started on your pursuit of becoming a real estate broker today.

On January 1, 2013, this will change.  According to a bill that is sponsored by the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.), applicants may no longer use a general college degree as an exception to the rule. The change is described further in the aforementioned press release: “Existing law allows an exception to the experience requirement for a college degree, ‘which included a specialization in real estate.’ Over the years, the ‘degree broker’ exception has been interpreted to apply to any degree. Assembly Bill 1718 (Hill, D-So. San Francisco) clarifies that the degree claimed as an exception must actually include a major or minor in real estate.”

So, where do you stand?

An existing college degree can be your ticket to a rewarding, long-lasting career in a rising market. You won’t have to spend two years under direct supervision. You can maintain your independence and become your own boss now. Act now – come January, a general degree won’t be sufficient. You will need a degree in real estate; or, at the very minimum, a minor in real estate. If you’ve thought about becoming a broker, and been previously deterred by the two years experience requirement, it’s worth taking action!

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Our California Real Estate Broker License program includes the following courses:

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  • Real Estate Office Administration
  • Real Estate Economics

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Don’t miss your window. Your existing degree can be the key to your future career as a successful real estate broker. Take advantage of this limited opportunity!