With the entire country in a recession and annual home sales at an all-time low, many people might tell you that you are crazy to consider becoming a real estate agent. But there are indicators that the real estate industry is about to undergo a major change. With interest rates lower than ever, undervalued home prices and limited new construction, the real estate market is primed for growth — meaning opportunity for licensed professionals!

In fact, in February of 2009 the nation saw a strong sign that points to an upward trend in the real estate market. New home construction rose 22.2% and savvy home buyers are taking advantages of the low prices and the opportunity to lock in interest rates as low as 4.5%. So don’t be deterred by the past, take the steps that can help improve your life and provide some quality income for you and your family.

If you are interested in getting your real estate license, you can try and find a local real estate course in your town or city to help provide you with all of the information you would need to pass your state’s real estate exam. Each state has different requirements and you should find out exactly what tools you need to become a licensed real estate agent. Nowadays, most people are choosing to take their required real estate courses online — this makes it much easier for those people who have a full time job or for parents who have children at home.

You can take these online real estate courses when it is most convenient for you and you don’t have to worry about attending a class or driving to a remote location. Most courses offer online quizzes that will help you hone your question and answer skills to prepare you for the state exam.

Once you are a licensed real estate salesperson and the housing slump is still in effect, you can begin to build a network of contacts in your community and start launching your real estate career. As the real estate market begins to rebound, you will be in prime position to reap the sales opportunities that are sure to arise when the economy improves. Of course, there is no guarantee exactly when the economy will turn around but by obtaining your real estate license now, you can be assured that you will be ready when the time comes.

The best part about being a real estate agent is the fact that you have a flexible schedule that will allow you to maintain your primary source of income while you start your real estate career. So what are you waiting for? Get your real estate license and seize this opportunity!