Yes, it is true — most buyers will judge a book by its cover. Even if a home is loaded with amenities and upgrades throughout the interior, a shoddy exterior can cost your clients a quick sale. They don’t have to fret — there are multiple things that can be done to boost their home’s curb appeal. As their real estate broker, you are in a position to provide them with valuable advice.

First off, you should instruct your clients to hire a professional landscaper just before their home goes on the market. Have the landscaper prune any overhanging branches or overgrown shrubbery, mow the lawn and trim the edges. Have them add flowers to their front yard gardens or around walkways. These flowers will add beauty to their home’s facade and give an inviting look to those buyers who are just “driving by.”

If your clients have multiple cars in their driveway, it will make their front yard look overcrowded. During open houses, you should have them park their cars down the street or place them in the garage. An empty driveway will make the front of their home appear to have more space. Speaking of driveways – if their driveway is loaded with cracks, you should advise them to hire a driveway sealer to put a fresh black or white coat on. It’s amazing the difference a newly sealed driveway will make to their home’s exterior.

If they don’t have money to paint or put new siding on your home then you should advise them to hire a power washer to spray the exterior of their home. This is very inexpensive and can literally wash the dirt away. It is also a good idea to have the power washers clean any sidewalks, porches or decks.

As a real estate broker, you know that the goal in creating curb appeal is piquing the buyer’s interest enough to get them to set up an appointment to view the interior. Exterior maintenance should not be costly and the steps mentioned above are economical and effective. So if you are helping your clients sell their home and the outside leaves a little to be desired, do yourself a favor and help them boost their home’s curb appeal. Your broker training and experience puts you in a position to make a difference.

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