Inspiring Real Estate Student Starts at Allied & Lands With Personal “Empire”

My advice would be: each day as you engage, imagine yourself with your license in hand, accepting the opportunities to come. That vision is your “empire”.  Always keep it in mind” says Jeremy Hakimi an alumni student from Allied’s Real Estate School. It seems pretty obvious that Jeremy is on his way to creating his own personal “empire” in the real estate industry. As CEO and Founder of Empire Capital Group, a well-established real estate, mortgage lending, and property management firm, he specializes in building client investment portfolios, leasing, and timely turnover of bank owned and short sale properties.

Having taken both real estate and mortgage courses at Allied Business Schools, Jeremy admits that, “Investing in learning with Allied has proven to be a wise choice for developing a strong foundation and sustainable growth.”  Not only does he hold licenses in his resident and favorite state of California, but also in twelve other states throughout the country, something you don’t see every day in the broker world.

Jeremy was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to share his success story with us in the hopes of encouraging others to embark on their journeys as well. His focused and driven attitude is something that any student and working professional will find inspiring. Allied is honored to have him as a student and wish him continued success in all his future endeavors.

Why did you first take courses at Allied Business School?

Before I answer the question, I’d like to personally thank the Allied staff for allowing me to provide feedback to past, present, and future students and staff.

My first career goal was to become a licensed California Real Estate Broker.  After a few online searches and word of mouth referrals, I found Allied.  Allied felt natural.  My first interaction with Heidi Vitug, an Allied representative, sealed the deal.  She was super informative, very positive and motivating, making me feel like she actually cared about my career future.  There was no pressure to buy, just an invitation to succeed.

What role did these courses play in your career path and where you are today?

They’ve played a tremendous role.  My goal was to have a successful career as a California Real Estate Broker.  I knew my success would depend on my effort.  Investing in learning with Allied has proven to be a wise choice for developing a strong foundation and sustainable growth.  Plans, strategies, and resources given to me throughout the courses benefit our team and our firm every day.  I keep each one of my course books close and review them often.

What did you like most about taking online courses at Allied and what was the biggest challenge about it?

The online courses are clearly worded and easy to navigate.  They are very informative and the material presented is invaluable.  I also loved being able to take the courses at my own pace.  There was no big challenge for me, except feeling like I could not wait till my next online class was available.

What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind in order to have success with online school?

It’s important to stay focused.  My advice would be: each day as you engage, imagine yourself with your license in hand, accepting the opportunities to come.  That vision is your empire.  Always keep it in mind.  That way, every day your work gets you to closer to conquering it- to living that ultimate vision.

Can you tell us why you wanted to pursue a career in Real Estate?

A behind-the-scenes look into the industry in Southern California at an early age ignited my fire.  My entrepreneurial aunt and uncle owned a pizzeria in Berkeley, California and decided to move south in the late 80’s to begin a career in real estate.  Living in San Francisco at the time, we traveled to Disneyland for our annual family pilgrimages.  While on our visits, I’d hang out with my aunt and uncle and shadow them at their office and in the field, watching them flip properties.  I was instantly sold.  After I graduated college in Georgia in 2003, I relocated to Southern California.  And, the best decision I made was signing up for Allied Real Estate School in 2004.  My intent was (and still is) to be honest, add value to communities, assist colleagues with referrals, mentor those starting careers in real estate, and help families live comfortably- while being down-to-earth, staying knowledgeable, prospering all parties involved, and having fun along the way.

What has been the biggest surprise about your profession?

Because I value loyalty and perseverance, I’m most surprised by how quickly agents come and go in this profession.  The business process sounds easy to outsiders, however, the amount of actual administrative, human resource, marketing, and development work required to produce results consistently is… substantial.  New, undereducated agents might misinterpret what it means to own and operate their own sales business at times.  That’s part of why I reached out to share my Allied success story- to help encourage others to embark on their journey by researching the industry, studying effective models, and preparing themselves properly.

What you’ve achieved in a short period of time is impressive. What do you think it takes to start your own business and become a successful Real Estate Broker in today’s market?

Hunger to achieve our own personal standard of excellence gives us the energy necessary to run in today’s fast-paced market.  Recruiting the right people with the right attitude who are talented, driven, results-oriented, and confident in their field of expertise is first.  Keeping each team member engaged and motivated begins with noticing and appreciating them in positive ways.  When you have a great team, do whatever it takes to reward and keep them- giving compliments, expressing thanks, and offering assistance- in addition to compensating them well!

You operate and hold Real Estate broker licenses in multiple states. How does this help your business and what kind of challenges are there including keeping up with the renewals?

That is an excellent question.  I’m asked often how I keep up with multiple state licenses, laws, renewals, and exams.  It takes time and focus.  Handling thirteen annual renewals (and counting), on top of a bustling brokerage, can get overwhelming at times.  I do my best to keep up with as much real estate education coursework as possible so that the only new material I have to cover each year pertains to changing state license laws.  My intense passion for what we do, along with having relationships with clients moving out-of-state helps me stay motivated to seek to serve more markets.  This increases business as we maintain much more of our clients’ transactions in-house.  As we create partnerships with agents across the nation, we’re able to offer our colleagues in the industry compensation for their time and care in helping their clients become situated at their destination, outside of their area of licensure.  Where they used to offer a “best wishes” to clients as they moved out of the area, in search of a new realtor or property manager, our network of referral agents is benefitting clients by giving them a great shot at a smooth start to their new lives by setting them up with our expert affiliates there in advance.  It’s a niche that deserves attention.  We’re providing peace of mind, comfort, familiarity, and value in the middle of a major transition for families and companies, while fostering long-term, meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues.

The biggest mistake that a lot of new agents make is _______.

They avoid taking action because they’re afraid to make mistakes.  Starting out, I made a lot of mistakes, quickly.  Mistakes are normal.  We just have to learn from them.

Don’t go into real estate unless you _______.

Go full-time.  Remember your ultimate dream, your vision, is your empire.  You have to be conquering it… constantly.  If you must start with fewer hours, pack double the effort into the time you do have!

The best place to live in the US now is _______.

Being biased, I’d say anywhere in California is best.  However, I was recently in Houston, Texas and really enjoyed exploring some of the suburbs.  (One specific standout was Sugarland.)  What was it about them?  The new diverse communities springing up there and throughout its surrounding areas… reminded me of California.  So, I’m going to go with “anywhere in the US that reminds you of California: that’s the best place to live, final answer.”

What do you like to do for fun when you are not working?

I’m in constant communication.  And, I’m a runner.  So, for fun, I enjoy unplugging from electronics, slowing down, spending time with family, and traveling on short getaways.  Resort spas are my new Disneyland!

One thing I’d like to do in 2016 is _______.

Be better with personal and professional relationships and friendships.

I can’t live without my ______.

The cliché answer is cell phone, so to be different I’d say, “orange juice from Riverside, California.”

If I wasn’t working in real estate, my second career choice would be _______

to become an attorney- operating in multiple states, of course, based… out of California.