Getting ready to take the state exam and want to know what it’s like? You’re in luck. This article will walk you through the ins and outs of the California state real estate exam – so when it comes time to sit for the test, you won’t be caught off guard. The following goes over some of the most important components of the exam and how you should think about preparing for them.  

What the test covers

The California real estate exam will test your skill levels in reading, writing, spelling and math, making sure you are capable to succeed as a real estate agent. The test then dives deeper into your knowledge of real estate principles and practices. Areas covered here include: Property ownership, real estate laws, property valuation, financing, property transfers, real estate disclosures, contracts and more.  

Preparing for the exam

The California real estate exam is no walk in the park. Which means a good pre-license education is crucial. Schools like Allied Real Estate Schools offer an in-depth real estate education that helps prepare test takers to pass the exam the first time around. Make sure the school you choose is properly accredited and has up-to-date information. This will ensure you’re studying the correct materials and help you feel more comfortable while taking the exam.  

Taking the state exam

When it comes time to sit for your state test, make sure you know what to expect. Students are given three hours and fifteen minutes to complete the exam. Exams are traditionally offered in a multiple choice style format, filled in by hand. However, many facilities now offer an electronic version. Just like most tests there is no talking, no cheating, no use of cell phones and no outside notes permitted. In fact, any dishonest behavior during the test can result in an automatic failing grade and may affect your ability to sit for the test in the future.  

Materials allowed

What items are permitted for the state exam? During the test you will be provided with a test booklet, a basic calculator, an answer sheet and a scrap piece of paper. All paper used for scrap must be turned in to the instructor at the end.  

Types of questions

The test consists of 150 multiple-choice test questions which you will fill-in on a bubble answer sheet or electronic format. The questions on the test are not meant to trick test takers. Use what you’ve learned through your real estate education to answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.  

Get prepared!

As you can see, sitting for the California real estate exam isn’t going to be something you can breeze through with no preparation. It is highly recommended to take your real estate education seriously with a school that cares about the success of its students. So if you’re getting ready to take your state required pre-license education, talk to an Allied Real Estate Schools rep about getting it done the right way today. Allied is an industry-leader in real estate education and exam preparation, with some of the highest regarded exam preparation materials in the state. Call (800) 617-3513 to learn more today!

And if you’ve already completed your education and are getting ready to sit for the California state real estate exam… congratulations and good luck. We wish you all the best!