Once you obtain your real estate license, growing your client base will be an important step in reinforcing your success. And what better way to attract and keep clients than to understand exactly what they’re looking for – and not just in a home, but in the surrounding community. Here are five helpful questions to consider when locating the very best community for your client.

Is the community near my client’s favorite places? Ask your clients about the places they frequent most. These places could include restaurants, shopping/entertainment centers, church, work, etc. More than likely, your clients will appreciate a community that’s conveniently located near these spots.

Is the community’s school district ideal? If your clients have children, or are planning on children, selecting a community with a reputable school district is important. Additionally, a school district with a good reputation will be key for resale value. Your clients will appreciate your expert knowledge in this arena – especially child-free buyers who may not think about it!

Is the community in good financial condition? Check with your local city economic development office to see if income and property values in the neighborhood are stable or rising. And if there is a home association, find out if the community maintenance is struggling due to delinquencies. Also pay attention to an abundance of commercial vacancies, closed-down businesses and homes that have been on the market for an extended period of time.

Is the Overall Community Safe? Research the area’s crime statistics to see whether or not the community is safe. For example, how many crimes on average are there and what types of crimes are they? Also, has the crime rate increased or decreased over the past few years? Share your research with your clients so that they can decide if the community is the right fit.

What is the overall feel of the community? Once you have helped your home buyers narrow down their choices to one or two neighborhoods, take a closer look at the area. Walk around the neighborhood for example. Are the homes tidy? Do the neighbors appear to be friendly? Do your clients feel comfortable?

Assisting your clients with finding answers to these questions will help them feel more secure in their home buying decision. And you know what happy clients mean – Increased potential for life-long clients and strong referrals for your real estate career.  Earn your real estate license from a nationally accredited real estate online school.