Congratulations. You’ve met the California Bureau of Real Estate’s (CalBRE) education requirements for obtaining your CA real estate license. Now what? It’s time to apply for the California real estate salesperson test and get your license.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to then download and complete one of the two, following forms: Salesperson Examination Application: This form is required in order to sit for the California estate real estate license exam. Make sure you read the instructions on how to fill it out.

OR –

 Combined Salesperson Examination/License Application: This single application allows you to apply and pay for your real estate salesperson examination and license in one step (rather than paying separately and filling two forms). Again, read the instructions carefully and complete. You don’t want any unnecessary delays in your application process.

  1. Complete your application and pay the applicable fees (check the California Bureau of Real Estate website for the most current application fees). Cash is NOT an acceptable form of payment. Checks and money orders payable to the Bureau of Real Estate are acceptable forms of payment. Credit cards payments are also accepted if the application is submitted by mail/fax.
  1. Obtain the official education transcripts that confirm your successful completion of your required real estate courses. You will need to submit proof along with your application.
  1. Mail your completed application, all applicable fees and proof of completed California real estate license courses to the following address: Department of Real Estate Examination Section, P.O. Box 187001, Sacramento, CA 95818-7001. Do not submit your application and fee more than once. Doing so may extend or delay processing of your application and exam scheduling.
  1. Once the CalBRE processes/qualifies your application, which takes approximately six weeks, you will receive an assigned examination date or self-schedule notice in the mail. Next, you can go online to the e-Licensing system to check your exam date time and testing location, or schedule the date yourself.

You can use the CalBRE e-Licensing Online System to complete the following tasks (or self-schedule if provided with that option):

  • Reschedule your exam date
  • Apply to re-take an exam
  • Change your exam mailing address
  • View your exam records
  • Check your scheduled exam date, time and location
  • View your exam results
  • Request duplicate schedule notices and result notices
  • See if your license has been issued

All qualifications requirements will need to be properly completed before your exam will be scheduled. If you do not meet the qualifications, you will be notified of the outstanding items and have two years to complete these actions and take your test, after which your application will expire.

  1. Once your application is processed and your exam date is assigned, stay fresh with CA real estate exam prep and pass your test the first time. Good luck on your test and your new career as a real estate salesperson!

Note: If you need a disability-related accommodation please see the CalBRE website for special instructions and information.

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