From making your own schedule to unlimited earning potential, there are so many advantages to obtaining a real estate license. Yet, with the good comes the challenging. Time is money, especially when you’re an entrepreneur looking to turn your next lead into a prosperous sale. In order to maintain your productivity, or even increase it, there are certain red flags the lead-focused real estate salesperson should avoid.

1) Wasting time with a fickle buyer.

Have you shown a potential buyer multiple homes that meet their requirements exactly, yet their still not sure? Or even worse, you’re getting the feeling your potential buyer is just curious and not serious about purchasing a home? If you’re going to use your time wisely, make sure your potential buyers signs a Buyer-Broker Agreement first. Once this is in place, you can feel more confident that your hard work may lead to a sale.

2) Wasting time with a fickler seller.

If you recommend making repairs or suggest a price that is highly competitive for the area, your sellers should consider your advice. If your sellers aren’t open to making the necessary adjustments, why waste your time convincing potential buyers to overlook them?

3) Working with problematic clients.

Your relationship with your buyer or seller should be a professional one. If you find that your personalities are conflicting, you may lose their trust, they may dismiss your advice and the possibility of closing a sale could diminish.

4) Wasting money on ineffective advertising or marketing.

Advertising and marketing is expensive. Monitor your efforts and measure how many leads come in, if any. If your advertising and/or marketing plans don’t at least pay for themselves, try something different. It just isn’t smart to waste your hard-earned money that way.

5) Spending time with a negative naysayer.

Negative people kill morale, so avoid these types at all costs. Maybe the market is more challenging than in recent years, but consider periods like the 1980’s or early 1990’s. Agents still made a living and persevered onto the next market phase and so can you. You’re better off focusing on the positive and brainstorming solutions to your challenges with other positive-minded peers.

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