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10 Simple Steps to Create Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Posted by Allied Date: January 4, 2017


If you are considering a new real estate career, starting on a new venture or are just plain interested in marketing (we hear you!), you need to begin with a solid real estate marketing plan. No matter how well prepared you are for your career, you can’t succeed without a well laid-out plan. Definition of […]

Motivate: Flying by the Why – (Guest Post)

Posted by Allied Date: November 22, 2016


The 10-part “Top REAL (Resonate Educate Activate Liberate) Estate Success Steps” series traces the trail of a real estate industry professional from “just thinking about it” to “more-than-conquering-it,” making mention of major milestones along the path.  “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible. Then they seem improbable. And then, when we summon the […]

How to Become a California Notary Public and Make Money!

Posted by Heather Date: October 27, 2016

How to Become a California Notary Public Today!

Are you considering diversifying your skills and becoming a notary? Learn how to become a California notary public today! You can increase your revenue potential by maximizing your career opportunities with a California notary commission. No, it isn’t a notary license – you’ll receive your commission certificate from the state (once you complete all of […]

Your Niche Can Make You Rich

Posted by Heather Date: September 15, 2016

Real estate niche

In the ever-growing real estate industry, where new and existing real agents are trying to stand out, how can you set yourself apart? In short, how can your niche make you rich? It’s an interesting question. Whether you’re in a large city or small town, the challenge is the same – how to distinguish yourself […]

The #1 Way to Increase Your Business

Posted by Heather Date: August 29, 2016

The #1 Way to Increase Your Business

Are you ready to grow your business? Here is a secret: the best advertising is positive word-of-mouth and a happy client is more likely to become a repeat client. OK, maybe it’s not a secret, but a satisfied client can do more for you than any carefully-planned advertising campaign. In fact, satisfied clients can become […]

Student lands dream job in commercial real estate with the help of Allied Real Estate Schools

Posted by Amy Date: August 18, 2016


Kyle Ensign “always had a passion for sales, people and real estate,” which led him to Allied to pursue a career in real estate. It was via his client network that he discovered the commercial world, where he’s currently employed with Atlas Hospitality Group, the market leader in California hotel sales. When he’s not providing […]

How to Brand Your Real Estate Career

Posted by Heather Date: August 1, 2016

Real Estate Career-Branding

It’s time to think outside of the box! In today’s real estate market, you need a way to stand out in your real estate agent or broker career. Think of yourself as a brand, and your brand is your image. Building a brand provides people with an easy way to remember you – something to […]

Search Engine Optimization for Brand New Real Estate Agents

Posted by Amy Date: July 25, 2016

SEO New RE Agent

When beginning your real estate career, you’ll most likely receive a lot of advice, both solicited and unsolicited, about how to best position yourself to succeed in the industry.  One of the most important elements when just starting out is to develop a web presence so people can find you. Pretty much everyone nowadays uses […]

Do You See Yourself as a Real Estate Agent or a Mortgage Broker?

Posted by Heather Date: July 11, 2016

Real Estate Agent or Broker

In the never-ending world of buying and selling property, there are two major roles that are extremely significant to any real estate transaction. The buyer and seller are, of course, the most important (otherwise there is no transaction), but the real estate agent and the mortgage broker are the main facilitators. To determine the benefits […]

Allied Student Spotlight Featuring Maria Chacon

Posted by Amy Date: July 7, 2016


“I like the flexibility in being able to work my own hours. I also like helping people find their dream home and educating them with what I know about investing in real estate, as well as providing them with loan options as to what loan products will benefit them the most,”  said Allied alum, Maria […]