28-Hour CA Appraisal License Renewal Package

28hour ca package

28-Hour CA Appraisal License Renewal Package

Price: $402.00

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If you need to meet 28 hours of appraisal continuing education, this is the option for you.

Allied provides you with the courses to complete the necessary hours and keep your real estate appraiser license up to date.

Your package will include:

  • Choose courses from list below (17 Hours)
  • National USPAP Update Course (7 Hours)
  • Federal and State Laws and Regulations (4 Hours)

California Appraisal License Renewal Courses

Choose the courses you need:

  • 3-Hour Analyzing Markets - Syllabus
  • 3-Hour Economics for Appraisers - Syllabus
  • 3-Hour Site Valuation - Syllabus
  • 4-Hour Cost Approach - Syllabus
  • 4-Hour Federal and State Laws and Regulations - Syllabus
  • 4-Hour Real Estate Appraisal Trainee/Supervisor - Syllabus
  • 4-Hour Real Estate Interests and Land Use - Syllabus
  • 4-Hour Real Estate Markets and Metrics - Syllabus
  • 7-Hour Analyzing Income Properties - Syllabus
  • 7-Hour Case Studies in Complex Appraisal - Syllabus
  • 7-Hour Creating Credible Appraisals - Syllabus
  • 7-Hour National USPAP Update - Syllabus
  • 7-Hour Statistics and Modeling - Syllabus
  • 14-Hour Complex Residential Appraisal - Syllabus
  • 14-Hour Financing for Appraisers - Syllabus
  • 14-Hour Real Estate Appraisal Report Writing - Syllabus

California Appraisal Continuing Education Requirements

In California, you are required to complete 56 hours of continuing education hours every four years to maintain your license or certified appraiser status. Per the Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers, the breakdown of these hours is as follows:

  • Proof of two 7-Hour National USPAP Update Courses (one class every two years)
  • Proof of one 4-Hour Federal and California Statutory and Regulatory Law course
  • Proof of a minimum of 38 hours of any other acceptable continuing education

Receive the following with your appraisal continuing education courses:

  • 100% Online; Seat time is required
  • Quizzes - Graded instantly online. You get immediate feedback!
  • Assignments – Must be completed with a passing grade of 70% before you are allowed to take the final exam.
  • Final Exam – You are required to earn a grade of 70% or higher to pass the course.
  • Personalized Student Support – Assistance is only an email or phone call away throughout the duration of your course. Get the help you need when you need it!

Note: Effective January 1, 2013, Applicants shall fulfill continuing education requirements established pursuant to section 11360 of the California Business and Professions Code, Division 4, Part 3, and shall be required to take a minimum of four hours of Federal and California appraisal related statutory and regulatory law as part of their 56-hour continuing education requirement every four years.

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