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Prepare For a Career as a Real Estate Appraiser

Get the materials you need to pass the real estate appraisal exam

Allied's study materials include EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully prepare for and pass the state appraisal exam. Our complete line of appraisal training materials covers every aspect of the test. You have access to practice and mock exams, which prepare you for the real thing.

If you need to take the next step and prepare for the state license exam, these are the materials for you. The Appraisal Exam Preparation materials are available in an online format. You will have access to valuable questions that help you pass the state exam right at your fingertips.

Appraisal Exam Preparation Products

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We put all of the necessary resources at your fingertips! First, the exam preparation materials include practice exams, which enable you to study and take the exams as often as you choose. Focus on areas that need additional help. Second, you can also take a mock state exam. The online version includes timed exams with 150 questions similar to the actual state exam. Perfect your score! Keep taking the exams until you get a score of 90% or better.

The practice and mock state exams include questions on the following topics (there are 1025 different questions in all):

  • Appraisal Standards and Ethics
  • Appraisal Statistical Concepts
  • Cost Approach
  • Economic Principles
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Income Approach
  • Influences on Real Estate Value
  • Legal Considerations in Appraisal
  • Property Description
  • Real Estate Markets and Analysis
  • Sales Comparison Approach
  • Site Value
  • Types of Value
  • Valuation of Partial Interests
  • Valuation Process
Please note that the online version also includes: Allied's Real Estate Math Tutor and FHA Appraisal Preparation materials.

Advantages of the Online Version

  • Instantly see your practice and mock exam scores.
  • Use the online glossary to look up unfamiliar terms.
  • View detailed instructions in the Help menu.
  • Click on "Your study habits at a glance" to view your study activities.
  • Create your own mock exam and focus on areas that need extra help.

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